A downloadable game for Windows

Submission by Team Just 3 More Commit Errors

Vib, How2Compute, Owninator, Derzo & islipaway

Bot Says Jam

WASD & Left Mouse Button

In memoriam of John Cena Minigame
28/05/2016 - 29/05/2016

Music : Kevin MacLeod


Sir.Brain 133 MB


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I'm usually very unhappy with 3d platforming but this wasn't half bad!

Some of the levels I had to give up though :)


Haha! Thanks for that!

Some context - This was just a quick GameJam game for the UnrealEngine Slack channel Game Jam. They have a bot which generates random ideas and for the Jam we had to make one of the bot's ideas. Some of the minigames are also bot ideas.

In the John Cena minigame it is supposed to play a youtube video on the screen of what the game was (it got corrupted and we couldn't use it) it's a shame that didn't work. Watch it here: