One Year On

It's fast approaching one year since I made Scoot Scoot for A Game By It's Cover (@AGBIC) and the response has been far greater than I ever expected thank you to everyone who play my silly scooter game!

I want to apologise to anyone who tried to play the game but was unable to due to performance issues, the game was never intended for a large audience, I just wanted to make something that I enjoyed playing. Performance is a primary consideration going forward.

With that out of the way I want to announce that I am currently working towards a much more robust release, having worked on a few other smaller projects in between my focus is now fully on Scoot Scoot.

To start with I wanted to create an updated version of the star of the game, the Motocompo inspired Scooter!

Currently my focus is on creating tools to somewhat automate and simplify level creation. Here are some I've been working on!

If you're interested in more regular updates you can follow me over on Twitter and Twitch!


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Will this be coming to steam eventually? I caught some jifs on twitter and I'm rather taken. 

Thanks for the interest, I hope to put it on steam and other platforms. Development has been on/off the last while as I rework everything, and get distracted by other projects and life! 
The bare minimum will be I put out a much improved/updated version of what's already on this itch page, so there will be something to mess around with. Hopefully I can make enough content to get it to a state where it's worth trying to sell it on steam, but I don't think it will be any time soon.


I'm obscenely patient. It looks great and its right up my alley, so I'm hoping things go well. Best of luck.